Rendering: External Rendering – Coloured Rendering

T G Builders GB Ltd. are approved contractors for the following type of rendering technologies:

  • Monorex
  • Monocouche
  • Weber
  • K-Rend
  • Traditional rendering

The above rendering solutions provide clients with options as to which rendering method best meets their needs. All solutions have advantages and disadvantages in terms of time taken to apply the render, cost, and longevity of the solution.

With decades of experience, we are able to confidently recommend the solution that is right for your requirements and ensure that it is applied correctly so that it protects your home/office for the longest period possible without any problems. We normally apply the rendering solutions using spray techniques as this is the most efficient and best value for money method. Most of the above materials can be applied to suitably prepared exterior substrates of sand/cement render, brickwork, blockwork and concrete that is suitable to receive a rendered finish.

The general steps involved in rendering are:

  • Preparation of the wall for rendering
  • Mixing the render
  • Applying the render to the wall

Preparation of the wall for rendering

Firstly, the wall to be rendered is be cleaned prior to applying the chosen render. If the wall was previously rendered, the old render must be removed. Once the render has been removed, the wall must be made wet.

Mixing the render

Next, the render is formed by mixing a set amount of lime, sharp sand and water. (Note: some of the renders we use have special additives that give them a unique property, to learn more about this, please click here)

Applying the render to the wall

Finally the render is applied to the wall either as one layer or as two separate coats (click here  to find out which renders can be applied as single or two coats). The render can be applied using a trowel or through the use of spraying. As mentioned earlier, we at T G builders have decided to use the spray application of the render.


Various finishes are possible with the above rendering solutions, including scraped, scraped with ashlar joints, stone or textured. In addition, we are able to offer hundreds of different colours to choose from.

It is our constant aim to provide a rendering service that ensures that your needs are met and your house or building is protected against the elements and looks great at the same time. We hope you will use our expertise to give you a free quote and free advice on what rendering solution would be best for your home or office.