New build

New Build

From design to completion, our company has been built on professional workmanship and adherence to strict building regulations. At T G Builders, we believe that a house is more than just the materials that it is made of. A house should be a reflection of the people who live inside it and it is this belief that we keep in mind prior to and/ or during the construction of a new house. If clients require assistance with designing their living or work space, T G Builders GB can assist with that process to create a suitable home that truly reflects the personality of the occupiers. As a result, we have worked on many new build projects that have left our clients feeling very satisfied.

 The processes involved in building a new home are very intricate and closely interlinked, great care must be taken in completing any one of the steps as one mistake in one step could ruin the subsequent steps e.g. setting a poor foundation for which your future house is to be built could have terrible consequences as once materials have been committed to building the house, the owners will find that the house is not supported properly on a firm base and could lead to structural collapse.

The following steps involved in building a new home are:

  • Setting the foundation
  • Framing the house
  • Establishing plumbing, engineering and electrical systems within the new house
  • Installing interior insulation and exterior plastering for the building’s surface
  • Finishing touches


1) Setting the Foundation

First and most important of the processes is setting the building foundation. Once a site or plot of land has already been chosen prior to this step, the site has to be cleared and graded (i.e. levelled). Any slopes or inclines, trees, nearby houses, nearby utility lines etc are to be taken note of and if any slopes or unwanted trees are found to be in the chosen site, they are to be removed and levelled. The distance between the foundation site and that of nearby houses and utility lines are also to be considered carefully so as to minimise causing any inconvenience to neighbours as well as to the building team themselves. Once these factors have been deal with, the foundation of the house is formed by pouring cement (see Fig.1). Basic plumbing works is also installed.


Fig.1: Pouring and setting the foundation



2) Framing the house

Once the foundations have set, the framework or “skeleton” of the house is made giving us a rough idea where the stairs will be, where the interior and exterior walls will be etc. The frames are placed and the roof, doors, windows etc are set quickly so as to protect the interior of the building from rain, wind etc (see fig.2 for an example of framing).


Fig.2: showing the framework of a new house



3) Establishing plumbing, engineering and electrical systems within the new house

Once the “skeleton” or framework of the house has been established, the infrastructure of the house is to be installed as this is essential to the occupants of this new house. The infrastructure being the plumbing, water works, engineering, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), sewage, heating, electrical wiring etc.


Fig.3: Plumbing system being installed



4) Installing interior insulation and exterior plastering for the building’s surface

The framework of the house is given substance by use of insulating material being inserted into the hollow parts of the framework (see Fig. 4) and being covered by plastering material (see Fig.5).


Fig.4: Insulating the house framework                        Fig.5: Plastering the insulated house framework




2) Finishing touches

Final touches are applied to all minor details such as unfinished electrical engineering, water systems, painting the exterior walls etc (see Fig.6).


Fig.6: Newly finished house



We are also mindful of the impact we may have on the environment during and after construction so we use modern building technologies to provide energy efficient homes.

In addition, our customer service is second to none – this is one of the reasons that our construction business has mainly grown through client referrals.

To experience the best service, contact T G Builders GB to get free advice and a free no-obligation quote. Trade references are also available upon request.